Monday, March 21, 2011


So as far as i know, there's a fair amount of interest for this jewellery, and so there should be, IT'S ANNIE BLACKBERRY! this woman is amazing, and the peices she creates even more so. There WAS an auction for these peices, but insted now, everything is as buy now. i just put some of the prices down 5-10 bucks to. that should make you all happy. and hey, i'm out to please. x

Buckle ring, was a limited item, not on sale anymore. No auction for this one.
'Buy Now' $5

Brass charm bracelet. Ask me about the charms that can be on it if you're interested as i have a few around. no auction on this one either.
'Buy Now' $15 for braclet and 3 charms, any extra charms $1.00

Aeroplane Necklace, was my VERY first Annie B peice, rather sad to be getting rid of it, but i just don't wear it enough anymore. it's a very statement peice, quite long chain but it needs to be unless you want this massive plane attracting attention to ya tits...
Buy Now $20 SOLD


Silver bird. the swallow has gorgeous detail to him. Shorter peice, sits just below boobs. but it's not too over powering and chunky.
'Buy Now' $20

This is another favourite. it's a brass couloured bow that has a double chain. the chain on it is both silver and brass. making it a bit more expenxive (the chains speno stuff!) About the same length as the jet plane.
Buy Now $20

Happy buying my friends, i am saving a few peices so i'm not completly naked (jewellery wise) x

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  1. even though i said NO TEXTS i've already had two. can't you woman read?! but because i love you all so much, i will excuse you for this time. But after this, any more texts i won't listen to. First bid- Silver bird $15.00