Saturday, February 19, 2011

An extra.


GILRS. found something else you might be interested in. Supppppper cut black velvet bow. originally from IDIOM for $25. i bought it was just the bow and sewed the clip onto the back, so i can wear it in my hair. able to take the clip off if you please.

Selling price- $7.00 or text me.

Item number 6. last in this 'lot'

Item number 6. SOLD.
Last item in this months 'lot'

white Crochet top/vest thing. don't know where it's originally from. but it's super cute. can be worn over top heaps of things, shirts, dresses etc. (sorry the photos are so useless..)

Selling price- $10 or text me.

Item 5. black jacket

Item number 5 SOLD

Black jacket. The photos don't do it justice. it looks so SO cool on. one that needs to be tried on really. again, perfect condition.

Selling price- $10 or text me. :)

Item 4. Tshirt

Item number 4

Coral coulered top brought from Wild Pair, plain shirt with chord through bottom that can be pulled depending on how you choose to wear the shirt. not sure of original price. perfect condition.

Selling Price- $10 or text me. :)

Item 3. Floral dress.

Item number 3 SOLD

Floral dress, origainlly from wild pair. size 8-10. It has teared on the inside, the liening, it did this only 3 days after me first buying it, i took it back and they said there was nothing they could do about it. But it hasn't got any worse since it first did it, and doesn't effect the look of the dress. Originally brought for $89.00

Selling price- $15

Email me- or Text me. :)

Random item. ipod case


Ipod case, for the very original ipod nano.

Selling Price $10

Email me- or text me, again, no facebook please. :)

Item 2. Topshop skirt

Item Number 2

Skirt from the Topshop store in London. only worn once, perfect condition. size 9/10 ish.

Selling price WAS $35
NOW $25

Email- or text me. please don't facebook me about it.

really couldn't be stuffed taking new photots, so clearly taken straight from trade me..

Item 1. Evolution dress.

Ok girley things. item number 1. SOLD

This dress is from evoulution, was $120 originally. in really good condition (only been worn 3 times....) Only problem with it is that it is rather short, but to solve the probalem, if you wear with leggings, lace leggings or even normal black ones, it still looks wicked.

Selling price WAS $45
NOW $35

Email me- Or text me if your keen. just don't facebook me please. :)

(sorry, the photo quality will be average for the first wee while, just using old photos for now.)


Hey team, so i thought, insted of just shooting out a text that i've cleared my wardrobe, i'll make a blog to let  you know. i'll regualarly be posting up things that i am currently selling/ giving away and you can email me if you're interested. most of the time things will have a set price, but assume if the price isn't there it's up for negotiation. Mostly it will be clothes, but if i find any other odd item then i will post that up too.

So, really, for your own benifit, keep checking up to see what's going on here. i'll start off with a few bits and bobs and see how things go.